Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Two articles from the K-State Collegian

The first is about Yom Ha’Shoah, the Holocaust remembrance day:
Holocaust victims remembered

According to Aaron Brown, senior in criminology, remembering the horror and the death of World War II is necessary to save people of all faiths from ever being subjected to such torment.
“It’s very important to remember the past and what happened to these people,” Brown said. “If we don’t, we’ll let it happen again.”

And the second article:
Best Buy considering store in Manhattan

Lyle Butler, Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce president, said nothing has been finalized on the possible store.
"Best Buy is looking at Manhattan, but they haven't confirmed with anyone officially that they are coming to Manhattan," he said.
Butler said cashiers at the Topeka store have been promoting a store in Manhattan.
"People have been told by employees at the Topeka store to look for a store in Manhattan soon," he said.

Right now I would place this barley above a rumor level, but it would be really cool to get a Best Buy here.
Now, if we get a minor league indoor football team, and I won't need Topeka anymore.


hockeyfrog said...

Ahh I love how the Collegian always runs the articles found in the Mercury about a month later or so. I'd give you the link to the story about the Best Buy rumors... and the whole 4th Street Improvement area (which was where the rumor started for Best Buy to be about 3 years ago when they tore down the old warehouse stuff... but that really wouldn't fit with the rennovations they're making to the area to try to make it more like Poyntz) It was also mentioned about how it took Home Depot and Target almost 3 years to get a building permit to actually get started on installing their locations.

I guess what I'm saying is that the Collegian needs to learn to find their own news... and not report news that's been reported on in town (because we can and do get the Merc for free as students.. or if you read it online like I do). As far as a BestBuy.. the rumor propagated the furthest last summer when it was supposed to be built by the end of this summer... a bunch of us that were at ResNet were all "well geez, we'll work for Geek Squad instead." Of course, those of us who said that are no longer employees of ResNet... and there is no building anywhere either.

hockeyfrog said...

oh yeah. The link I was going to give wasn't given to me because the Merc's server keeps giving me an Internal Server Error when I try to search the archives. I think the Collegian paid off the Merc to do this so I wouldn't uncover the truth. Either way it was in an I Wonder article about a month ago.

Michelle said...

was that aaron brown, like the aaron brown i know? if so, how fun for him! being important is always a fun thing to do. bravo aaron, bravo